IPR Advisory

Your valuable IP assets require a strong protection to maximize your benefits coming out of your IP.

Inovatree® has been providing IP services to Companies, Start-Ups, Educational Institutions, Research Organizations in the area of Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright, Geographical Indication, IC Chip-Design, Bio-diversity and Plant variety protection as a trusted partner.

Drafting & Filing services

Inovatree® helps you in drafting and filing suited to your business requirements across the globe. Having a rich expertise in drafting patent application be assured to get a strong protection for your IPR.

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Prosecution Services

With expertise in IPR prosecution Inovatree® enables you with a hassle-free prosecutions of all your IPs. Having prosecuted IP applications in various countries our techno-legal attorneys are well positioned to handle all your IP prosecution requirements.

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Enforcement Services

Your registered IPs gain value when enforced adequately. Inovatree® supports you to identify infringers and taking timely action against them.

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Induction & Training

Get your employees IP aware with our carefully designed IP industrial and training module. Build a customized module for your employees to get them working on IP projects from Day 1.

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