Free And Open Source Software Compliance

The lawyers at Inovatree help you prepare for, and respond to, challenges associated with Open Source Software. We strive to understand the inner workings of your company, its technology, and software and the value it provides to shareholders and customers. Our multidisciplinary team assists you at every step of the software development life cycle – from developing corporate policies and procedures to addressing developer concerns, and from guiding Product releases or contributing to Open Source communities.

Open Source Compliance Analysis

Inovatree's lawyers help you validate your Open Source practices vis-a-vis OpenChain Compliance Framework and get recognized among Customers and peers alike as Software providers with mature coding practices.

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Open Source Audit

You can measure, if you can track!

Get a clear understanding of where is Open Source used in your Organization's code bases through Open Source Audit by Open Source Professionals at Inovatree.

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Open Source Release Management

Did you know- world's foremost profitable Software get released as Open Source. Get release ready with Inovatree's expertise in guiding developers across the globe for pre-release checks and post release compliance.

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Get your employees aware of Open Source Licensing with our carefully designed Open Source training module. Build a customized module for your employees to get them compliant with Open Source Licenses from Day 1.

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