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We at, Inovatree Consultants LLP, are attorneys and professionals from diverse range of technology domains including, but not limited to, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Software, IT, Electronics & Communication, Chemistry and Mechanical engineering prepare and prosecute IP applications. Our team believes in offering highest quality and standardized services in its areas of specialization which includes preparing of IP applications; filing; prosecution; monitoring of pending application; pre and post grant oppositions; and handling of after grant issues. The Firm assists the clients by providing patentability opinions, simplifying the patent license preparation for them and giving client counseling in order to enforce their patent right.



With educations from top schools and rich experiences from top MNCs our team at Inovatree support you for preparing IP strategy so that you remain ahead in the market.



The legal team at Inovatree, provides end to end Contracts Management services to fulfill all your business needs under one roof. From drafting of a simple commercial agreement to aid in commercial negotiations between parties, our team provides full fledged contract management services so that our clients can focus on identifying goals and fulfilling their ultimate business objectives.



Navigate the ever evolving compliance burden and shoulder your burden by developing a multifaceted compliance network through Inovatree Services! The most trusted and tailored compliance services for the corporate and commercial sector, coupled with high expertise in law and technology has transcended the vague corporate boundaries. Our highly qualified team of technology savvy IP professionals helps young entrepreneurs and developed corporations through adapting compliance models for mitigating and profiling risks and thereby suggesting adequate strategies. By this, we provide an effective and efficient way to ensure timely management of all such obligations

We provide services at each and every facet of corporation undertaking, when and so required. Prioritising and Parameterising the individual factors as per its weightage is the key aspect we keep the eye on, in order to assess the risks. We work by combining tech with industrial experience in order to possess deep understanding as to how businesses can effectively acquire, protect and optimize, in order to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way and be prepared for facing the identifiable risks.



At Inovatree we understand the importance of protecting our client’s competitive advantage and offer’s strategic counseling on problems pertaining to data privacy and information safety primarily based on vast legal research and an in-depth understanding of the attributes related to data privacy and security. As part of the service, our professionals conduct normal audits to ascertain danger and threats not only to the modern-day setup but also from the future angle at the site of the client, and eventually increase or revise information safety rules and put in force information transfer/sharing strategies. Our Privacy and Data Protection team of experts focuses on the evolving technological, business and legal issues regarding data privacy and data security. Innovate brings to the table a team of highly specialized advisors to provide our clients with in-time, pragmatic, comprehensive and efficient solutions.



Inovatree Consultants LLP provides the most reliable advice to keep up with all compliance aspects of your marijuana operation. A law firm specific for marijuana manufacturers and distributors provides a real time comprehensive system that automates and streamlines critical business functions like accounting, manufacturing, quality, inventory, financial, sales and reporting. Choosing our team allows your company to track all aspects of production, manufacturing, distribution and sales – providing functionality that manages inventory, traceability, profitability, purchasing, production planning and more. Marijuana software provides an effective, flexible, secure and scalable solution that allows your company to adapt to a rapidly changing business climate.